Spring Cleaning Tips: How to Freshen Up Your Windows and Glass Doors

Freshen Up Your Windows and Glass Doors

As the vibrant colors of spring emerge, it’s time to give your home a fresh start with a thorough spring cleaning. Among the various tasks on your checklist, don’t overlook the importance of revitalizing your windows and glass doors. These transparent portals to the outside world not only allow natural light to flood your living spaces, but also offer a clear view of the blooming beauty outdoors. We are going to review some tips on how to clean and maintain your glass surfaces for a sparkling spring ahead.

Freshen Up Your Windows and Glass Doors for Spring

If your spring cleaning list is like many of ours, it is probably long and has a lot on it. Our Pittsburgh winters can keep us inside and leaving us with loads to do once it is finally time to open the windows and stop and smell the tulips. Some things around the home that many people often forget about, are their windows and doors, but should you?

Our harsh Pittsburgh winters can wreak havoc on windows. The fluctuating temperatures and snow and ice can create new issues for your windows when you go to open them in the spring. There are things that you can and should do to prepare your windows for spring, among those include doing a little spring cleaning to freshen them up a bit. After the winter’s assault, this comprehensive cleaning not only enhances the aesthetics of your glass surfaces but also addresses any lingering effects of the harsh weather, ensuring they are ready to welcome the warmth and light of the approaching spring season.

So, let’s get to things you can do to freshen up your windows and glass doors.

  1. Remove Weather Stripping and Coverings: If you installed winter weather stripping or plastic covers around your windows or doors during the colder months, the initial step, as spring arrives, is to remove them if they hinder the use of your windows or doors. Ensure that you can open your windows to welcome the warm spring breezes and refreshing scents into your home.
  2. Start with Dry Dusting: Begin by dry dusting the window frames, sills, and corners. Use a soft brush or a microfiber cloth to remove any loose dirt, cobwebs, or dust that may have accumulated during the winter months. This initial step prevents the spread of grime when you introduce liquid into the equation.
  3. Clean the Glass: To freshen up your windows and glass doors, you can use any type of glass cleaner you would like or you can make your own glass cleaner. Spray the cleaning solution generously onto the glass surface. Ensure even coverage, especially in areas with stubborn stains or fingerprints. Allow the solution to sit for a few minutes to loosen dirt and grime, then wipe it away.
  4. Don’t Forget the Tracks: Often overlooked, window and door tracks can accumulate a surprising amount of dirt. If you have been using your windows and door during the fall and winter, added debris can build up. Things like leaves, salt, and ice, can cause issues. Use an old toothbrush or a small, soft-bristled brush to sweep away debris. Wipe the tracks with a damp cloth, and finish with a dry cloth to prevent mold growth.
  5. Inspect for Damage: Cold, windy, and wet weather can cause major issues for your Pittsburgh windows and doors. The drastic and constant temperature changes we see in the winter months, can cause your glass to fracture. While you can take measures to prevent glass cracks in cold weather, spring is the perfect time to ensure no damage occurred. Check around your windows and doors for signs of cracks, leaks, holes, etc. If there are larger signs of damage to your windows and doors and their frames, contact a Pittsburgh window repair specialist to help you diagnose and fix the issue before it becomes a bigger problem.
  6. Regular Maintenance: To keep your windows and doors looking their best, establish a routine cleaning schedule. Regular maintenance prevents dirt buildup and makes the cleaning process quicker and more manageable.

With these spring cleaning tips, your windows and glass doors will be a sparkling testament to the beauty of the season and also help you to prolong the lifespan of your home’s glass.

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