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Keep the Heat Out this Summer

Did you know that you don’t just need to prepare your windows in the winter to keep you warm? Prepping your windows for the warmer weather seasons can also help keep you and your home cool. Our Pittsburgh July weather can be extremely warm, and when you are looking for an escape from the heat, your home should serve as that enjoyable retreat and give you a cool place to ride out the warmth. Your home’s windows can prevent your home from being as comfortable as it should be. We are going to review some tips for how to keep the heat out this summer.

Tips to Keep the Heat Out this Summer

Your home’s windows play a major role in the comfort of your home during all seasons of the year. If you are looking to keep the heat out this summer and for some home cooling tips, check out our below suggestions.

Utilize Window Treatments: Window treatments and drapes help to protect against direct sunlight, in turn, reducing the amount of solar heat gain in the home. Close your blinds and curtains during hours of direct sunlight, especially on the sun facing side of your home. According Energy Saver, the right type of drapes can reduce heat gain by 33%. Look for window treatments with white plastic backings, because the white reflects light away from the home.

Add Window Awnings: If you are looking to keep the heat out this summer, awnings above your windows can help. Window awnings can reduce solar heat gain in the summer by up to 65% on south-facing windows and 77% on west-facing windows. You can use an awning to shade one window or have an awning custom-made to shade the entire side of your house ( You can get awnings that are removable, so they can come off during the fall and winter to allow the sunshine and warmth in.

Install Window Film: Window film is essentially a thin layer of plastic coating that attaches to the interior or exterior of the window. Typically, these coatings are silver or metallic, which helps to reflect solar heat away from the home and also help protect against glare and ultraviolet exposure. Window film can be useful for homeowners who don’t want to block views and a good choice on windows that are difficult to fit with other window treatments.

Add Exterior Shutters: Exterior shutters and shades are usually made of a variety of materials, including fabric, wood, steel, aluminum, or vinyl. They are most effective at reducing solar heat gain ( These shutters can be opened and closed as needed to allow as much or as little sunlight into your home as you would like. Shutters and shades act like shade trees or interior window treatments, helping to reduce direct sunlight on window surfaces.

Schedule Window Maintenance: If you want to keep the heat out this summer, it can be as simple as having a window professional come and inspect your windows to ensure they are working as they should. Are there drafts or leaks? Do they close and seal properly? If you are noticing more heat in your home than normal, it may be time to invest in some new windows. While checking your windows, ensure they open as they should, because when the nights get cooler, opening your windows is a quick and easy way to let some cool air in.

Window Replacement: If you have uncovered that your windows just aren’t doing the job at keeping the heat out, as we mentioned above, it may be time for new window installation. Window technologies have advanced and changed over time, and if your windows are old and outdated, new windows may be just what you need to keep your home cool and to help you save money on energy expenses this summer and beyond.

While we have reviewed some tips for how to keep the heat out this summer, there are other things you can do, like planting shade trees, adding ceiling fans to a space, and more.

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