How Bifold Doors Can Make a Difference for Your Business

Bifold Doors Can Make a Difference for Your Business

When it comes to your Pittsburgh business, standing out and making a lasting impression, is usually the first impression businesses are looking to make. You want people to drive by your business storefront and for it to catch their eyes and attract them. There are options when it comes to doing this, and one of them is adding bifold doors to your business. You can add the beauty, convenience, and versatility of a commercial bifold door to your business or storefront to really make a lasting impact. We are going to review some of the ways bifold doors can make a difference for your business.

What are Bifold Doors?

Before we open the door to how bifold doors can make a difference for your business, we wanted to take a further look at what these types of doors are.

True to their name, bifold glass doors “fold” open on hinges. This type of glass door is typically used as an exterior door to the outdoors. They’re incredibly versatile and can open wider than any other type of exterior door. They are also known as “accordion-style” doors, since they open and close on hinges, allowing the door panels to fold into one another. This means a bifold door can create a wide entrance into your business, truly connecting the inside with the outside.

This type of exterior business door is most commonly utilized by storefronts and restaurants, especially those with patio seating. The bifold door can essentially open up the wall, connecting the inside and the outside of the restaurant together on our most beautiful days here in the Pittsburgh area.

How Can Bifold Doors Make a Difference for Your Business?

As we mentioned above, these types of doors are great for curb appeal and also wonderful to let some of the outside in.  For businesses with outdoor space, facilitating easy access between the inside and outside is important. In the warmer months, when the weather’s nice, you want the inside and outside of your business to be one cohesive whole; however, you also need to be able to close this space off when the weather cools down. Bifold glass doors are perfect for this. Also, if you don’t have a patio space, but want that outdoor feel, these doors can be the perfect solution.

Some businesses that see great benefit from adding bifold doors to their space are hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, beauty salons, and so much more. Opening up your business to the outdoors with bifold doors creates a welcoming feeling and can change the entire ambiance of your space.

Some benefits and other ways bifold doors can make a difference for your business include:

  • – Eye-catching and Attractive: We have touched on this one already. Bifold doors come in a variety of panel materials and hinge styles so that you can achieve a beautiful look for your business and up the interior design element. These doors are also easy to open and highly customizable.
  • – Wide Opening: As we mentioned above, bifold doors can open up wider than any other type of door, creating a seamless transition between inside and outside during the most beautiful days of the year.
  • – Low Maintenance: Similar to standard doors, bifold doors just need an occasional wipe-down and lubrication at the hinges. They don’t require as much maintenance as sliding doors.
  • – Increased Natural Light: When you choose glass paneled bifold doors, you essentially turn a door into a large window, which lets in plenty of natural light. Natural light can make your business look larger and more inviting to customers. Even when closed, their large panes of glass give you an amazing view of the outdoors
  • – Space Saving: Since these doors close on central hinges, they don’t need to swing into a wide space like a traditional door, allowing them to be installed in a smaller space.
  • – Energy Efficient: When you get a bifold door made of insulated glass or energy efficient materials, you can help your business maintain a more comfortable internal temperature, in turn saving you money.
  • – Highly Secure: Bifold doors have multiple locking points and are fitted on enclosed tracks, which make them extra safe to have in your business.

Bifold doors can make a difference for your business and R & C Glass can help you achieve that. We’re your commercial bifold door installation team here in Pittsburgh. Our glass experts install a wide variety of bifold doors. Give us a call for a free estimate, and we’ll work with you to find the right bifold door setup for your business.

Currently have bifold doors in need of repair? We can help with that, too. Call us for commercial bifold door replacement in Pittsburgh so we can come out and provide you with an estimate for glass replacement. We’ll have your business back to normal in no time.

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