Should you Have your Windows Repaired or Replaced?

Should you have your Windows Repaired or Replaced?

As with all things, there comes a point and time where you may have patched something up over and over again, or just looked the other way to a problem, and eventually a minor problem becomes a much larger one. Due to the costs associated with new window installation many homeowners try to put it off as long as possible, which may actually be costing them more and leading to bigger issues throughout the home. When you have problems, should you have your windows repaired or replaced?

Window Repair versus Window Replacement

Should you have your windows repaired or replaced? The truth is, there is no easy answer, as it depends on multiple factors. While some minor issues may be easily solved with a repair, if the small problems keep happening time and time again and your windows are outdated, replacement may be the best solution. We break this down a little further below.

Window Repair as the Solution:  

If you are looking for a quick and easy solution to a window problem, glass repair may be the best solution for you. Repair can usually be done much quicker than window replacement; however, it may not be the best long term solution. Some cases where repair may best suit your needs are:

Cracked Glass: Cracked window glass can be caused by multiple sources: stress, pressure, impact, etc. Regardless the cause, if the crack is small, repair may be a great solution. If you leave the crack unattended for too long, the crack can spread and expand and eventually lead to a full break.

Broken Glass: Speaking of broken windows, when it comes to if you should have your windows repaired or replaced, often times broken glass is the perfect candidate for repair. Again, this will depend on if the windows are worth repairing. If your windows are old and inefficient, a broken window can be the perfect time to take the leap for new window installation.

Foggy: Having foggy windows, could be a problem in your Pittsburgh home, so if you have them, you likely want to fix the issue. Varying temperatures, air leaks, inefficient windows, and broken or worn seals can be the cause of the view obstruction. Again, if the fix is something simple like a seal, window repair may be your best option; however, if the cause is from something else, you may want to have your windows replaced to prevent additional mold and mildew from entering your home through the windows.

Window Pane Issues: If the damage involves only the window panes, it’s usually possible to repair the window by replacing the glass. Installing new glass is usually quicker than waiting for a company to replace your entire windows. Also, damaged exterior window casings can usually be easily repaired instead of needing an entire window replacement.

Window Replacement as the Solution:  

When it comes to if you should have your windows repaired or replaced, you should keep in mind if repair is even an option and if it’s worth it. Sometimes damage is too severe for a repair and other times repair can just be a temporary solution to a problem. Here are a few situations that usually require window replacement:

Water Leakage: Excessive water infiltration around the window might mean that your exterior window casing is bad. This isn’t so much a window issue as it is an issue to do with your exterior as a whole. If water does prove to be coming through the window, this is probably time to start shopping for new windows (the spruce). Water leakage can cause damage to your home, so it should be fixed as soon as possible.

Structural Problems: In some cases, the area around the window may be in poor shape: studs, house sheathing, siding, and insulation; in this case, window replacement is your best option. This warrants both replacing the window and rebuilding parts of the wall. You’ll be using a new-construction window, not a replacement window.

Foggy: We know, you saw this one above in the repair section; however, certain causes of window fog mean that your windows have gone bad and are not working as they should be. Heat gain and heat loss through windows are responsible for 25% to 30% of residential heating and cooling energy use. If you have double-paned or triple-paned windows and they have fogged up, odds are that there is a leak in them which cannot be fixed with a simple repair.

Outdated Windows: Having your windows repaired or replaced is really up to you, if repair is even option. If you find your windows are not living up to their potential and have even just minor problems, replacement may actually save you money. You won’t have to pay for continuous repairs and fixes and replacement can help lower your energy expenses by making your windows work more efficiently. Not to mention, new windows can change the look of your home and add value.

Whether you are looking for Pittsburgh window repair or replacement, R & C Glass can help. Call us to get a free estimate. We’ll come out to your home to take measurements and provide you an upfront quote for our Pittsburgh window repair or replacement services.

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R and C Glass is known for our responsiveness, fast service, and professional installation. Ready to get started? Contact us today.