Why is There Condensation Inside my Windows?

Why is There Condensation Inside my Windows?

You go to look out your Pittsburgh windows at the flowers blooming, birds chirping, and general scenes of spring, and happen to notice water droplets on the inside of your windows. While this moisture may be obstructing your view, it may also leave you puzzled. You don’t see an open window or any reason for dampness to be inside, so why is there condensation inside your windows?

Why is There Condensation Inside my Windows?

If the inside of your windows look like the outside of a glass of iced tea on a warm day, and you have condensation inside your windows, similar to ice being inside your windows during the winter, there is usually always a reason and it’s typically not concerning.

Condensation forms when water vapor condenses into a liquid, which typically occurs when the temperature on one side of the glass is significantly different from the temperature on the other side of the glass. To put this simply, when the air is hotter and more humid on one side of the glass, moisture collects on the window panes. This is common throughout the hotter months of the year in Pittsburgh. Condensation inside your windows can be more common in rooms of your home that are humidity hot spots, such as the bathroom, laundry room, and kitchen.

When you have moisture on the inside of your windows, it is almost always an indication that there is something creating excess humidity in your home that is unable to escape.

How can I Stop Condensation from being on my Windows?

While moisture buildup on your windows isn’t a major issue on its own, in fact, the condensation can be a sign that your windows have an airtight seal, which is a good thing; if left untreated, it can lead to other issues like mold, mildew, and damage to your windows and home. The first step in preventing and resolving condensation inside your windows, is finding the source.

As mentioned above, this dampness is usually a sign that there is too much humidity in your home. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the relative humidity in your home should always be below 60%. Ideally, you want it somewhere between 30 and 50%. So, how can you reduce the humidity and condensation?

Use a dehumidifier. If you use a humidifier in your home in the colder months, in the warmer months, you should be sure to turn it off or down. There is naturally more humidity in the air once the weather gets hotter. A dehumidifier can remove moisture from the air and keep moisture off of your windows. Place the dehumidifier near the windows where you tend to see the most moisture.

Keep your window treatments open. If you have your blinds or curtains closed, it can lead to condensation on the inside of your windows because the heat is trapped between the treatment and the window. By opening your window treatments you can allow the heat and humidity to escape.

Circulate air throughout your home. Just like a nice breeze outdoors can help to make even the most humid day feel more bearable, air circulation can make a big difference indoors as well. Use fans throughout your home. If you have ceiling fans, keep them on. Turn on your exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom to remove excess humidity. If your home doesn’t have exhaust fans, try opening your window a little for a few minutes to dry the air out. It’s also important to make sure your laundry area is properly ventilated.

Condensation on the inside of your windows isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and can actually mean your windows are just doing their job; however, if excessive moisture is building around your windows and goes untreated, it can cause health risks to you and your family, and damage to your home.

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