Understanding the Differences Between Single-Pane and Dual-Pane Windows

We are going to review the differences between single-pane and dual-pane windows so you can select windows that are best suited for your home.

Most Pittsburgh homeowners don’t give much thought to their windows and whether they are single-pane or double-pane; however, it is important, when selecting windows for your home, to find windows that are right for you, your home, and the climate in which you live. Because of the impact your windows can have on your home’s comfort level and energy costs, we are going to review the differences between single-pane and dual-pane windows so you can select windows that are best suited for your home.

What are Single-Pane Windows?

Single-pane windows feature a single pane of glass set in a frame. These types of windows have been used for centuries. Single-pane windows typically have no insulation. When you have only one pane of glass, outside temperatures and noise will affect the inside of your home more easily. They’re the most affordable window replacement option in the short term.

What are Dual-Pane or Double-Pane Windows?

Dual-pane windows, as the name implies, feature two panes of glass, separated by a thin air pocket. This air pocket is typically filled with a colorless, non-toxic gas, like argon or krypton, for additional insulation.

Dual-pane windows slow down the transfer of heat between the inside of your home and the outside. In the winter, this means trapping more heat energy inside. In the summer, it means keeping heat energy out. By doing this, dual-pane windows vastly improve your home’s energy-efficiency and lower the amount you spend on cooling and heating.

What Should I Consider When Selecting the Right Windows for my Home?

Understanding the differences between single-pane and dual-pane windows is the first step to choosing windows that will be right for your home. Because our weather in Pittsburgh can be extremely warm and cold, you should consider windows that will be the most efficient for our climate.

Let’s review some things to consider when deciding if single-pane or double-pane windows are right for you.

  • – Cost: Perhaps the most impactful deciding factor to window selection is cost. If you are looking for a lower installation expense, single-pane windows will likely be your choice. If you are looking for long term savings, you may opt for dual-pane windows. According to HomeAdvisor, the initial purchase and installation cost of a single pane window is about $50 to $75 per window, while a double pane window runs closer to $350 to $400 per window. While the installation may be more for double-pane windows, the cost savings down the road may be enough to turn your head. Dual-pane vinyl or wood-framed windows are said to reduce energy usage by as much as 24% in cold climates during the winter when compared to single pane windows.
  • – Energy Efficiency: The energy efficiency of your windows goes hand and hand with the cost. Heat gain and loss through windows is responsible for 25% to 30% of a home’s heating and cooling usage. Dual-pane windows, with their added insulation due to an extra pane of glass and the option for a layer of insulating, non-toxic gas, are a good option for reducing energy waste and increasing energy efficiency.

Are you Looking to Replace Your Windows in Your Pittsburgh Home?

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