Tips to Keep Your Three-Season Room Warm this Winter

Keep Your Three-Season Room Warm

Winter will officially be here this month, and for many people, that means closing up their three-season room for the colder months ahead. Sunrooms are meant to be enjoyed, and if you have one that is unusable in the winter, you are missing out on the perfect room to sit in and watch the snow fall. Three-season rooms offer the ideal space for you to relax and take in nature’s beauty without worrying about the outdoor elements. We are going to review some tips to keep your three-season room warm this winter, so you can enjoy it all year round.

What is a three-season room?

You may have a three-season room in your Pittsburgh home and not even know it. If you have a sunroom attached to your house that is not well insulated or insulated at all, it is likely a three-season room. There are also four-season rooms which are typically better insulated, as they are built to be used year round. Have no fear, you can keep your three-season room warm this winter and make it into a space you can enjoy in the colder weather.

Unlike screened in porches, three-season rooms and four-season rooms use glass, insulation, siding or brick, and sometimes HVAC, which increase the functionality of the space.

Windows in a three-season room are often single pane tempered glass with low energy efficiency. This type of addition generally does not have insulation or it uses a lesser-grade variety of insulation. In either case, the room is mostly unusable during the cooler Pittsburgh winter months.

How can you keep your three-season room warm this winter?

As with all rooms in your home, high quality windows are key to keeping the cold out and retaining the heat inside; however, there are also a few other things you can do to ensure you can stay cozy in your three-season room this winter and beyond.

  • – Add Thermal/Insulated Drapes and Window Treatments: While having new windows installed is the best way to ensure your windows keep the heat in and cold out, you can also add some insulated window treatments to the windows throughout the room. Thermal/insulated curtains add a layer of insulation to any home and its windows. Thermal curtains are either double- or triple-layered heavy fabric with a thick backing of insulate material and often a polyester-film vapor barrier. During the day, keep them open to let the natural light into your sunroom and then close them in the evening to maintain your warm solar gain.
  • – Prepare Your Windows for the Colder Weather: As we have reviewed before, there are steps you can take to prepare your windows for the colder weather to come. Check for cracks and holes and seal them with caulk or weather stripping to try and make them more efficient. You can also turn to plastic window coverings to prevent the cold air from coming in and hotter air from going out. This is probably not ideal in a three-season room, since it will somewhat obstruct your views of the outdoors.
  • – Add a Rug or Carpeting: Three-season rooms are typically not carpeted due to their use. By adding a covering to the floors, such as a rug or carpet, you can reduce heat loss. This will also help to create a more comforting and cozy environment.
  • – Use a Portable Heater: If your three-season is not attached to your home’s HVAC, you can use a portable heater, usually these are electric, to heat the space when in use. This is a good solution if you don’t want to heat the room all the time and only want to keep it warm when you are enjoying it.

Do you want to use your three-season room all year round?

Keeping your three-season room warm this winter can be easier than you think. By simply upgrading your windows, it can make a huge difference to the space and make it a room you can enjoy throughout the year.

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