Prevent Birds from Hitting Your Windows

Prevent Birds from Hitting Your Windows

Did you know that birds colliding with windows accounts for about 1 billion bird deaths a year in the United States? While that number should be alarming enough, birds’ lives aren’t the only things at risk when it comes to birds flying into residential windows, your windows are as well. This is one of the most common causes of a broken window. In the summer we aren’t the only ones out and about, so are birds. There are steps you can take to prevent birds from hitting your windows which will benefit them and your windows and home as well. Let’s review.

Prevent Birds from Hitting Your Windows

Birds often don’t realize it, but it is common for them to fly right into a window. Birds see reflections of the landscape in our windows and end up flying directly into them. Like some of us, if the glass is clear enough, we may not even realize it is there, and head right towards it.

The thud of a bird hitting your window is a terrible sound, and if you or a family member happen to find that bird later, that is just as awful. The first step to protect the birds and your windows is to prevent them from flying right into them in the first please. Prevent birds from hitting your windows by following the below suggestions.

  • Keep Feeders Away from Windows: Birds are prone to fly into windows, so keep bird feeders and birdbaths away from your home’s windows. Move them to areas where they will not reflect in the windows.
    Add Screens: Insect and other window screens on the outside of windows can significantly reduce reflection and provide some cushioning if a bird does fly into it. While most people have a screen on some portion of their window, ensure the screen covers all of the window glass.
    Decals and Other Markings: To prevent birds from hitting your windows you need to reduce reflection. One of the best ways to do this is to add a grid or other markings and decals to your windows. Think about hanging strings, having lines of tape over your windows, or marking your windows with white soap. Keep in mind, you will need to keep these markings close together, no more than two inches apart.
    Use Transparent One-Way Film: Add a film to your windows that permits people on the inside to see out, but makes the window appear opaque on the outside. This will reduce reflection and should deter birds from flying into your windows.
    Cover Glass with Netting: Another step you can take to prevent birds from hitting your windows, is to cover the glass on the outside with netting at least 3 inches from the glass, taut enough to bounce birds off before they hit the actual glass.

While you can take all the steps possible to prevent birds from hitting your windows, there may be some flightpaths you just can’t control. If you have a broken or cracked window, Residential Glass is your Pittsburgh glass expert.

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