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Let’s take a look at some ways of the best ways to maximize your outdoor space, so you can take advantage of the Pittsburgh weather this summer.

When it comes to Pittsburgh weather, our temperatures can vary dramatically throughout the year and we typically only have about four months where we can really enjoy the outdoors. We are all too familiar with it being too hot or too cold, wet, humid, etc., for us to want to be outside. When the weather outside is inviting, most people want to make the most of it and turn their outdoor living space into an useful addition of their home. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to maximize your outdoor space, so you can take advantage of the Pittsburgh weather this summer.

How to Maximize your Outdoor Space This Summer

It is completely natural to think of your outdoor and indoor living spaces as totally different entities in your home; however, they don’t have to be. By combining your interior and exterior areas, you can open up your home for a whole new world of possibilities. Not to mention, improve your home’s air quality, increase natural light, and enhance the interior and exterior appearance.

We work with many Pittsburgh homeowners who have come up with some great ideas for embracing the outdoors and enhancing their living space. Check some of them out below.

Install Patio and Bifold Doors: When you add patio and/or bifold doors to your home, you are creating a smooth transition and connection from the indoors to the outdoors. True to their name, bifold glass doors “fold” open on hinges. This type of glass door is typically used as an exterior door to the deck or backyard. They’re incredibly versatile and can open wider than any other type of exterior door. By adding bifold doors, you create an open feel in your home and welcome the fresh air and light inside, all while maximizing your outdoor space by creating an open-air feel, indoors.

Connect the Outdoors to Inside: Bifold doors are the best way to invite the outdoors in, but you also need to consider making the inside and outside feel as though they are connected. To ensure a smooth transition, think about using flooring that is the same in both the interior and exterior areas of your home. While the doors are a great way to maximize your outdoor space, if they are just there and the areas feel disjointed, you may not fully achieve your goal.

Find the Right Patio Furniture and Decor: If your outdoor space is inviting, you and your family will embrace it more. When it comes to outdoor furniture, think about function, and invest in pieces that will be used. If you envision your space to be used for dining, add a table and chairs. If you want it more as a relaxing area, stick with loungers, a fire table, and other pieces. Have an idea of what the main use of the space will be for, and decorate accordingly.

Bifold Doors for Your Outdoor Space

As we said, we have worked with many Pittsburgh homeowners to help them create an outdoor oasis of their dreams that starts with adding bifold doors to their home.

Not only do bifold doors look neat, they have several other advantages. They can open up wider than any other type of door, creating a seamless transition between inside and outside. These doors are also easy to open and highly customizable. Another benefit is that even when closed, if installed in an external location, their large panes of glass give you an amazing view of your deck and yard. These doors are designed to create a visual and physical link to your outdoors.

If you are looking to maximize your outdoor space this summer, Residential Glass can help. At Residential Glass, our team installs residential bifold doors in Pittsburgh. Contact us for a free estimate.

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