How to Utilize Your Storefront to Attract Customers This Fall

Utilize Your Storefront to Attract Customers This Fall

We all can appreciate just how important a first impression is, especially if that is all we know about something. This is particularly true when it comes to your business. If you have a storefront, keeping it up to par, making sure your business windows look good, and being sure you are attracting those customers that you want to draw in, can be key to your business success. Autumn is one of the most beloved seasons by many people, so if you have a storefront, should you embrace it? We are going to take a look at some ways you can utilize your storefront to attract customers this fall.

The Importance of Your Storefront

If you have a brick and mortar location for your business, it’s hard to deny just how important its appearance is for the new customers you attract and for keeping those repeat visitors. Many retail businesses, restaurants, spas, and more, here in Pittsburgh, feature large glass windows and glass doors that allow light into their space and allow customers to see inside. This sets the tone for who your business is and it offers and can do for consumers.

Your storefront, regardless of the type of business you have, should serve as a billboard for your business with advertising right there on the spot. When the seasons change, it marks a great time to update your storefront to stay current and keep it interesting and attractive for those passing by. As the breezes become more brisk and leaves start to change colors, so should the window scene at your business. Utilizing your storefront to attract customers this fall, can make all the difference.

How to Utilize Your Storefront to Attract Customers This Fall

Your business has just a few seconds to attract customers, so you need to ensure you make the most of it. The first step to upping your curb appeal game is ensuring you have impressive windows and commercial glass. While old windows can be bad for business, a great window display can be amazing. Don’t believe us? Take it from some experts: According to NPD Group research, window displays influence purchases an average of 24% of the time.

The right window display can engage customers enough to cause them to stop, look back, and walk into your business. So, what makes this time of the year extra important for what you put in your business windows? Why should you utilize your storefront to attract customers this fall? The truth is, you should treat all seasons and times of the year with equal importance when it comes to your window displays, but fall can be a great time to make a large impact.

According to Morning Consult data, fall is the clear favorite season of US adults. 41% of U.S. adults chose fall. Spring and summer each received 24% of the total favorite vote, while only 11% of respondents said winter is their season of choice. Because fall is so popular, having an eye catching display and storefront at this time of the year, one that embraces the season, can be more appealing to people and help you grab the interest of new customers.

Pittsburgh Commercial Glass

Okay, so we have reviewed how important your business windows are and how to utilize your storefront to attract customers this fall, but if you have old dingy commercial glass, it may not matter just how eye catching your autumn display is, it can turn customers away.

Old windows and commercial glass can be bad for business, especially if they look old, dated, and worn out. Investing in new windows and doors for your business, can make a difference, and improve your image and outward appearance, but that’s not all new windows can do; they can help boost curb appeal, make your business look larger, give you a place for advertising, lower your business energy costs, and keep your business safe and secure.

As fall sets in, if your Pittsburgh business has commercial glass needs, you can count on the experts at R and C Glass to help. R and C Glass is your Pittsburgh commercial glass team.

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