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Front Door Style Trends

Have you laid out the “Welcome” mat for your guests? Is your front door something that invites people in and makes your home stand out? When it comes to creating curb appeal for your Pittsburgh home, the possibilities are limitless. From installing new windows, adding eye-catching bifold doors, and more, the exterior of your home makes an impression that most homeowners care about, and that often starts right at the front door. To ensure your home is knocking it out of the park, we are going to review some current front door style trends for inspiration.

Front Door Style Trends

To most of us, the front door is just a standard essential part of the home, but have you ever really thought about where it came from? The first recorded history of doors was found in Egyptian tomb paintings 4,000 years ago. No one knows who actually invented the door, only that it was first developed somewhere in central Egypt (History Extra). Regardless of where doors came from, they have truly evolved and can be a defining piece of design on your home from both the outdoors and the inside.

Your home’s exterior doors impact everything from comfort to curb appeal. They have the potential to protect your home, enhance its ambiance, and add to its value. All of these things matter, which is why it’s important to consider whether your exterior doors are doing everything they can be doing for you and your home. If you are thinking about installing a new exterior door, or simply updating yours, knowing current front door style trends can make all the difference. Let’s review some below.

Wood (Keeping it Brown and Natural): The natural wooden appearance of the front door has been a trend that has been picking up steam in recent years.
Vibrant Colors: If you haven’t walked down a street and saw a yellow, teal, purple, orange, or some other colored door, you probably aren’t looking very closely.
Glass: Oversized exterior glass elements have seen a rise in popularity over the last couple years. This trend creates a bright and open feel with tons of natural light.
Custom Hardware: Another current front door style trend is adding upscale metal accents in brushed metal and champagne bronze for door knockers, knobs, and levers.
Large and Oversized: If you really want your home to stand out, adding an oversized front door can do the trick. This is a trend that has been gaining popularity in recent times.

The possibilities are really endless when it comes to creating a welcoming entrance to your home; however, as with all things, the decision can be a difficult one. The things you should keep in mind when updating or replacing your home’s front door, are:

Customizable: Exterior doors are no longer “one size fits all”. Homeowners are increasingly realizing the potential of exterior doors to coordinate with and complement their homes’ overall design style and aesthetic and to add a unique touch.
Energy Efficiency: Energy efficiency is just as important when it comes to your front door, as it is for your windows. Energy efficient doors are designed to prevent your heated or cooled air from escaping your home. Their increased insulation reduces your home’s energy usage and your energy costs, all while also making your home more comfortable overall.
Glass: Allowing natural light into your home can make a huge difference, and how little or how much glass your front door has, directly impacts this. Exterior glass doors are forever changing, from frosted to textured, you should pick a style that matches your home and allows you to create a more open space.
Low Maintenance: No one wants a front door that is going to require a lot of effort to maintain. Look for a door that has minimal care and maintenance requirements and is durable. You don’t want to purchase a front door that is going to need to be replaced within a short period of time or requires a lot of additional updates after the fact.

When it comes to current front door style trends, walk down the street for inspiration. You are sure to see various styles, colors, sizes, and more. The front door, that most practical but often overlooked element of our homes, is undergoing a transformation. Is yours up to par?

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