How to Keep People from Walking into Your Glass Door

Keep People from Walking into Your Glass Door

Having glass doors in your home can really open up and brighten the space; however, if you have ever walked into one, you probably have held your breathe hoping it doesn’t break and likely turned around to make sure that no one saw you. While seeing people walk into a glass door can lead to some laughter, it can also be dangerous and could mean trouble for your glass door and you. We are going to review how to keep people from walking into your glass doors.

While this may take away some of your entertainment, it can help prevent injuries and protect your doors.

How to Keep People from Walking into Your Glass Doors

There are many benefits to adding glass doors to your home, whether they are patio doors or other doors. Glass throughout your home allows you to lighten up the space and make it look larger and helps you invite the outside views, in, which is especially welcomed during our Pittsburgh summer months.

If you are someone who sees the humor of people walking right into those doors, we are sorry to tell you, there are some things you can and should do to keep people from walking into your glass doors. People can get hurt when they walk into glass doors, especially if they hit a weak point in the glass and it breaks. Walking into glass doors can lead to injury and damage that takes time and money to repair, both for the person and the property. We know, we have probably taken the fun out of it, but it’s true.

Let’s review things you can do to make your home’s glass doors a little less of a safety hazard, while still being able to enjoy the many benefits they bring for your home.

Add Decals or Stickers: Adding decals or stickers to your glass door is a simple way to make the glass more visible. We aren’t talking about putting a giant decal on the glass, you can add decorative stickers (like small circles or squares) and something that adds to your style and the space. Try to keep any decals and stickers at levels in the glass that people will see. If you have small children in your home, you may want to place them at lower levels.

Mention the Glass Door to Guests: Don’t roll your eyes just yet, this is actually a very effective way to make people aware of your glass doors so they can avoid walking directly into them. You don’t have to make a big production about it, but let them know if you have a glass door and give them a little heads up about it, to save them some embarrassment later.

Put a Note on the Glass: If you will be having people over who are not familiar with your home, or just large amounts of people all at once, adding some type of note or signage to your doors can keep people from walking into you glass door. You can make your sign look like it is part of your decorations, or be as direct as you would like.

Frost the Glass: This is a less than ideal option because it will take away some of the joy of being able to clearly see what is going on outdoors, but it is an option. You can use a frosting paint to cover the glass to reduce the transparency of it, making people less likely to walk into it.

Keep the Doors Open: This is a simple and less permanent solution. If you want to keep people from walking into your glass door, keep it open when you have people over. There’s not much more we can say about this one.

There are things you can do to keep people from walking into your glass doors and harming themselves and creating damage to your glass and the door. You can keep it as simple or make it as loud as you want. When it comes to your Pittsburgh home’s glass, Residential Glass is here.

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