Are Your Windows Ready for Spring?

Are Your Windows Ready for Spring?

It’s hard to believe that spring officially begins later this month. We have been dealing with cold weather and snow for long enough, and if you are like most people, you are ready for the blooming flowers and a chance to open your windows and let some fresh air in your Pittsburgh home. Like with all other seasons, the beginning of spring should serve as a reminder to tackle some tasks around your home to ensure you and your home are ready for the warmer weather to come. Are your windows ready for spring?

Are Your Windows Ready for Spring?

Being able to watch the grass and flowers start to change colors and bloom, are some of our favorite things about spring; however, if your windows are not ready for spring, you may miss this beautiful sight. Our harsh Pittsburgh winters can wreak havoc on windows with the fluctuating temperatures, winds, snow and ice. Much like we need to prepare our windows for fall and winter, spring signals a time to think about our windows once again.

We are going to review some things you can do to ensure your windows are ready for spring.

Remove any winter weather stripping or plastic coverings. This may seem like a no-brainer, but many people overlook this step when ensuring their windows are ready for spring. If you added winter weather stripping or plastic covers around your windows in the colder months, the first thing you need to do when the spring arrives, is remove them if they will prevent you from using your windows. You will want to open your windows to let the warm spring breezes and fresh smells in, so be sure you are able to. Removing these coverings will also be critical for you to be able to complete the other spring window preparations.

Inspect your windows for damage. As we mentioned, our winter weather is not the kindest, and that can create issues for your windows. Now is the perfect time to check all of your windows and ensure they didn’t get damaged throughout the fall and winter. Look for cracked seals, gaps, cracked or chipped glass, screen damage, water or moisture where it shouldn’t be, or anything else that looks unusual. Be sure to check the interior and exterior of all windows.

Thoroughly clean your windows. Spring cleaning is a real thing and you should not forget about your windows. Dirt and debris may have stuck to your windows over the winter. Your windows can prematurely age and get damaged when you don’t remove the dirt. Make a point of cleaning your windows every spring to enjoy the best, most unobstructed views of the world. Wipe down window frames and clean the glass, both on the inside and outside.

Check and lubricate window hardware. When getting your windows ready for spring, you need to ensure you will able to use them, not just for looking outdoors, but for letting air inside, when the weather allows. As spring arrives, check your window hardware to ensure it works as it should, and if not, lubricate it. Because windows aren’t used often in the winter, debris can easily settle into the moving parts. After you’ve cleaned your windows, use some sort of silicone lubricant to lubricate the hinges and tracks for easier operation.

Are your windows ready for spring? While most of us are, your windows may need a little attention. To ensure you can enjoy the season ahead, follow our above suggestions. You can also count on R and C Glass for all of your Pittsburgh window needs.

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