Are you Familiar with the Broken Windows Theory?

Are you familiar with the broken windows theory?

Are you familiar with the broken windows theory? Yes, it is actually a real theory that has been studied for decades. In this article we will review the theory a little more. Keep in mind, it is just a theory, so just because it exists, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is true. Whether you believe it or not, if you have a broken window around your home or business, no matter if the theory is true or not, you will want it resolved for many reasons. We are going to review the theory and then some common reasons you may find your home or business with a broken window.

What is the Broken Windows Theory?

The broken windows theory states that any visible signs of crime and civil disorder, such as broken windows (hence, the name of the theory), vandalism, loitering, public drinking, jaywalking, and transportation fare evasion, create an environment that promotes even more crime and disorder.

Broken window policing tries to regulate low-level crime to prevent widespread disorder from occurring. If these small crimes are greatly reduced, then neighborhoods will appear to be more cared for. The hope is that if these visible displays of disorder and neglect are reduced, violent crimes might go down too, leading to an overall reduction in crime and an increase in public safety (SimplyPsychology).

Some research points to the broken window theory as being a promising theory, but other studies has proven that broken windows and other types of vandalism, have no correlation with lack of order or crimes.

Most Common Causes of a Broken Window

Regardless if the broken windows theory is accurate or not, no one wants to find their Pittsburgh home or business with a broken window. A broken window can cause many problems in your home or business: hazardous conditions, allow moisture and cold or hot air in, invite pests and rodents in, and overall make your home or business less safe and comfortable than it was prior to the window breaking. As we all know, broken windows can happen. We are going to review some of the most common causes.

Accidents: Let’s start with the obvious. One of the most common causes of a broken window is from an accident. Whether it being a poorly thrown baseball or football, golf ball hit off course, or landscaping clippers, accidents happen.

Weather: Mother Nature throws a lot at our windows, and sometimes, if the conditions are just right, it can lead to a broken window. Hail, ice, and heavy winds are some ways that weather can cause window damage. Also, extreme temperatures, and temperature changes, can put stress on windows and frames which can lead to damage and a broken window.

Burglary: While no one really wants to think about it, if someone wants to get into your home or business, one of the easiest ways for them to do so, is to break your window. It’s also important to remember that a window that’s already cracked or broken can serve as an easy entry point for an unwanted intruder.

Birds: Birds often don’t realize it, but it is common for them to fly right into a window. Birds see reflections of the landscape in our windows and end up flying directly into them, and with enough force, it can shatter the window.

Wear and Tear: Time, like with all things, can take a toll on your windows. Despite your best efforts to increase the longevity of your windows, glass can deteriorate over the years. In areas with high humidity and extreme temperature changes, like Pittsburgh, glass can expand and shrink, putting a strain on your windows.

Existing Cracks: This one goes right with wear and tear. If your window already has a crack in it, it is more likely to break. A crack, no matter how small, compromises the integrity and strength of a window, making it more likely to break.

While having a broken window may not lead to increased crime in your neighborhood, as the broken windows theory points to, do you really want to chance it? A broken window can create a lot of negative effects on your home or business, so you should have a break repaired as soon as possible.

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