Winter Window Preparations to Keep You Warm

Winter Window Preparations

December marks the official beginning of winter, a season we are all too familiar with. In Pittsburgh, that means temperatures will drop below zero and we will likely see a lot of snow and wind. When the cold sets in outside, no one wants to start to feel drafts inside. One of the leading causes of this cold inside, is a home’s windows. There are things you can do to keep the outside air from ruining the cozy feeling inside your home. We are going to review some winter window preparations to keep you warm this season.

Winter Window Preparations to Keep You Warm

When it comes to staying warm in the winter months, your windows play a major role. You should not let the outside weather impact how comfortable you are inside your home. Let’s review some winter window preparations you can take to stay warm when the weather outside becomes frightful.

Check your windows for drafts and air leaks. This is the perfect time to inspect all of your home’s windows and doors for any leaks or gaps. One of the main causes of a drafty window is when the window seal goes bad. Normal wear and tear, poor installation to start with, broken seals, exposure to extreme temperatures changes, and mold buildup, can all result in a cold spot in your home. Fill any gaps you may find with some type of weather stripping.

Ensure all windows are fully locked. As you are checking for gaps and leaks, go the extra step and make sure your windows are fully locked. This is a winter window preparation that many people don’t think about. Windows that are closed and locked provide a tighter seal and greater energy efficiency.

Maintain ideal humidity levels within your home. Indoor relative humidity should be kept below 60%; ideally between 30% and 50%, according to the EPA. If you notice condensation or ice on the inside of your windows, that is usually a sign that the humidity is too high in your home. Try adding a dehumidifier to keep the inside air drier, so ice is less likely to form. You can also weatherize your windows; check out our tips here.

Replace door screens with glass screens or alternatives. Some doors and windows have screens on them in the warmer months to allow air inside your home, but have storm window replacements to keep the air out when it’s cool. When the weather takes a turn for the cold, you should replace them with their glass alternatives. This can help to serve as an extra layer of defense from the brisk air outdoors and to retain more heat.

Add and use window treatments. If you don’t have window treatments, adding them can help you keep in the warmth in the colder months. Use natural light to your advantage in the cooler months by drawing back your window treatments to welcome in the warm energy from the sun. Once the sun sets, close your blinds and curtains to capture the heat inside.

Have new windows installed. New windows can make a difference in your home this winter. If your windows allow too much cold in, it can cost you and one of the best things you can do is invest in new windows to prevent that. Heat gain and heat loss through windows are responsible for 25% to 30% of residential heating and cooling energy use. Installing new windows can help increase comfort levels, offer many cost benefits, provide a long term solution for drafts and leaks, and add extra protection from the outdoor elements.

When it comes to the cold, the last place you want to have to worry about it, is inside your home. By following the above winter window preparations, you and your family can stay comfortable this season.

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