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Winter Window Maintenance Tips

This month marks the start of the holiday season. Before you know it, lights will be lighting up houses and many people will be having family and friends over to enjoy each other and some great meals (or not so great, depending on who’s cooking it). This time of the year serves as a reminder that colder weather is coming to the Pittsburgh area and winter will be here in the blink of an eye. As a homeowner, you need to prepare your home for the brisk weather to come, and that includes your Pittsburgh windows. We are going to review some winter window maintenance tips to ensure that you have windows that you and your guests can enjoy all season long.

Winter Window Maintenance Tips

By now, you have likely already prepared your windows for the fall; however, with our sometimes brutal and unpredictable winter weather, that is not always enough. Below we take a look at some winter window maintenance tips. Keep in mind, if you didn’t get your windows ready for the fall, you should also tackle some of those preparations now as well.

Lock your windows and ensure the locks are functioning as they should. This one may seem rather simple, but you wouldn’t believe how many people leave their windows unlocked in the summer and fall to have easy access to opening them when a nice day calls for it. Now is a great time to go around to all of the windows in your home and ensure that they are closed and locked. This not only helps with safety, but it will help to keep some of the cold air out.

Clean all parts of the windows. When it comes to winter window maintenance, the cooling temperatures marks the perfect time to thoroughly clean them. If your windows have screens, wash them with soap and water. Be sure to clean the glass, sills, and all other moving parts as well. Clean any sand, dirt, or dust from the window hinges, sills, and tracks. Debris can impact the tightness of the seal around your windows, and if not cleaned properly, can produce a gap for cold air to enter your home.

Look for and fix drafts and gaps. If you have drafts or gaps in your home windows, your heating bills can skyrocket in the fall and winter. Your furnace will try to keep your home warm while your windows are letting cold air enter and warm air escape. You want to avoid this. Sometimes window drafts can be fixed simply with chalk and/or weather stripping; however, in other instances window repair or replacement may be your best option.

Inspect your exterior window sills and address any issues. A winter window maintenance step that many people don’t think about it, is checking your exterior window sills. Check the window sills on the outside of your home. Window sills serve to structurally support and hold the window in place. If a window sill is not properly angled or sloped, it may become a gutter for your home window and allow elements in that you want to keep out. This could lead to water damage and wood rot for your windows, and also allow snow and ice to develop inside of your home and windows.

When it comes to this time of the year, it can seem like everything is go, go, go; however, it is still important to ensure your home is taken care of, and one of your first lines of defense from the outdoor elements, is your windows. By following the winter window maintenance tips above, you can keep your energy costs lower, your family and guests comfortable, and rest easy knowing that your windows are doing their job.

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