What’s the Perfect Height for a Bathroom Mirror?

perfect height for a bathroom mirror

When it comes to sprucing up your Pittsburgh bathroom, one easy update you can make is installing a new bathroom mirror. While finding the perfect bathroom mirror for your space may seem like a task in itself, another important decision you have to make is where and how to place it. While you may just be thinking about putting the new mirror where an old one was, should you? Now is your time to really think about if that was the right placing and if it was in the best spot. Was the mirror too low or too high for some household members? If so, you should change it. What’s the perfect height for a bathroom mirror? Keep reading to find out.

What Should you Consider When Purchasing a New Bathroom Mirror?

Before you even need to worry about the perfect height for your bathroom mirror, you need to first find a mirror, or mirrors, that will work best for your space. A good mirror is an essential component to many rooms in your home, especially your bathroom, so you should take some time making your decision.

You need to consider size, style, shape, color, etc. of the mirror and your space. When finding a mirror that is suited for your space, you should consider proportion. To create a balanced look, think about the size of your mirror relative to that of your vanity and also ensure that the mirror you select will fit. You also need to consider if multiple mirrors may look better in the space than just one. If you have a large double vanity, you may opt for double mirrors. You can select mirrors of different shapes, sizes, colors, with frames or without, ones that open and ones that don’t, the possibilities go on and on.

What’s the Perfect Height for a Bathroom Mirror?

Once you have found the mirror that is right for your space, now you need to decide how to hang it. Having your mirror at the right height can really make a difference. What is the perfect height for a bathroom mirror? There really is no set height, as it depends on the home and its occupants. Functionality should be the main deciding criteria when determining the placement of a bathroom mirror.

When deciding how high and where to place your mirror, think about what things will reflect in it. Most people opt for avoiding the toilet to be the main focal point within their mirror. If you are going to use your mirror for getting ready, shaving, etc., you will want the mirror above the counter and sink. If you are going to use the mirror to view outfits, you may want a full-length mirror that you can stand in and see your entire body.

The height of your bathroom mirror should be based on your own height and other members of your household. Find an average eye line for everyone using the mirror and make sure this height is well within the upper and lower borders of the mirror. If you or someone else needs to stand on their tiptoes to see into the mirror, it is not convenient or very functional.

In Conclusion

As we said, there is really no perfect height for a bathroom mirror, but the goal should always be to place a mirror where it can be useful for all people who will regularly use it. When it comes to adding mirrors to your home, mirrors in a bathroom should be one of the most functional types of mirrors you will have. These mirrors are used while you style your hair, put on your makeup, etc. Because bathrooms are typically a smaller space in your home, bathroom mirrors can really brighten up the space and make it appear much larger than it really is.

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