What is the Difference Between Glass Replacement and Window Replacement?

Difference Between Glass Replacement and Window Replacement

For most homeowners, “glass replacement” and “window replacement” sound pretty much like the same thing; however, there’s actually a big difference: price. Replacing just the broken glass, and not the entire window, can save you as much as 75%. There’s no quality or efficiency difference between replacing the glass and replacing the entire window. We are going to take a deeper look into the difference between glass replacement and window replacement.

What is Glass Replacement?

When it comes to your windows, glass replacement is basically how it sounds. It is when you replace only the glass in your window and not the entire window. This can be a good solution when you have damaged window glass and you just need new glass set into your current frame.

Window glass replacement is most often a simpler fix than whole window replacement. The advantages are lower cost, the ability to keep the window in question the same aesthetically as the others in your home, and typically a rather quick installation time. If you have a broken window due to a baseball, golf ball, or stray rock flying through the air, glass-only replacement usually makes quite a bit of sense.

What is Window Replacement?

Window replacement, much like glass replacement, is just as it sounds. It is when you have the entire window replaced, including the glass. Window replacement usually cost more than glass replacement, but can offer you a longer term solution. New windows come with new benefits and can help you keep your home better insulated.

Full window replacement is your best option if you notice foggy windows, structural problems, water leaks, broken muntins or mullions, or a constant draft coming inside of your home. To put it simply, if the issue is minor and only impacts the glass, glass replacement may be right for your; however, if you have larger issues, window replacement is probably your best option.

What are the Key Differences Between Glass Replacement and Window Replacement?

As with all things in your Pittsburgh home, whether you chose glass-only replacement or full window replacement is up to you and your budget. Let’s review some of the key differences between glass replacement and window replacement.

Cost: In the short term, the cost to replace your window glass is usually far less expensive than the cost to replace the entire window. When factoring in glass-only versus window replacement cost, consider whether you are looking for a long-term solution or a short-term fix. If you’re experiencing more problems than just cracked glass, it may be worth it for you to spend a little more to replace the entire window to save on future energy costs.

Warranty: As with any home improvement project, your new product is most likely going to come with a warranty. This warranty assures what is covered to replace or repair your new product and for how long. The warranty for full window replacement is typically longer than the warranty offered with glass replacement.

Full Solution: When deciding if glass replacement or window replacement is right for you and your scenario, you should determine if replacing the glass only will truly fix your problem. When you’re experiencing problems with your window, such as the locks, balance, or frame, a glass replacement will not fix any of those issues.

You Don’t Always Need to Replace Your Full Window

When their glass breaks, the first instinct of many Pittsburgh homeowners is to look into getting the window, both the glass and the frame, replaced; however, this is often unnecessary. With glass replacement you can save money and you just need new glass set into your current frame.

At Residential Glass, our team is always focused on providing our customers with the very best. We are glass and window replacement experts.

If you are unsure of if you need glass-only or full window replacement, contact us and we will provide you with our recommendation to help you ensure you make the right decision. We are here for you and all of your Pittsburgh window and glass needs.

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