What are Bifold Doors? | Why You Will Want One

Bifold doors offer unprecedented access to your backyard and deck, truly making your house and deck feel like they are one in the same.

There is always something new and modern when it comes to home design, and bifold doors are currently the rage. This style of door is not only more convenient and practical than conventional sliding doors, they are eye-catching and can add a design element to your home that will be sure to make it the talk of the neighborhood. We are going to review what bifold doors are and why you will likely want to add one, or more, to your home. 

What are Bifold Doors?

True to their name, bifold glass doors “fold” open on hinges. This type of glass door is typically used as an exterior door to the deck or backyard. They’re incredibly versatile and can open wider than any other type of exterior door.

They are also known as “accordion-style” doors, and are typically used in homes as a patio or deck door, in place of either French doors or sliding glass. Bifold doors can also be great room dividers and can fold in or out to create an opening in the interior of your home.

These doors consist of oversized glass panels that allow lots of light inside your home. While the door itself slides open, the panels neatly fold up and can stack against the wall to make additional room for an entrance.

What are the Advantages of Bifold Doors?

Not only do these doors look neat, they have several other advantages. First, they can open up wider than any other type of door, creating a seamless transition between inside and outside during the most beautiful days of the year.

These doors are also easy to open and highly customizable. They can be installed both in internal and external locations of your home. Inside homes, bifold doors are often found in smaller spaces like laundry rooms, pantries, and wardrobes.

Another benefit is that even when closed, if installed in an external location, their large panes of glass give you an amazing view of your deck and yard. These doors are designed to create a visual and physical link to your outdoors.

How do Bifold Doors Work?

Bifold doors typically operate on a built-in tracking system that runs along the glass panels, connected on a train. To put it simply, basically the doors fold in and then smoothly slide over the laid out track, supported by a chain of wheels or a tracking system. Regardless of the movement, the function is usually smooth and quiet.

Because bifold doors can provide a wide opening and fold in nicely, they usually provide more space than typical sliding doors.

We Told You You’d be Wanting One

If you’re a homeowner who loves the feeling of your home and deck being one space, or just like new cool design elements for your home, you’re going to love what bifold doors have to offer.

At Residential Glass, our team installs residential bifold doors here in Pittsburgh. Interested in upgrading to this stunningly beautiful deck door option? Just fill out the form or give us a call for a free estimate.

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