What are some of the latest shower glass trends?

This frameless glass enclosure features two panes of glass, with a gap in the middle serving as a door into the shower.

When you are on the hunt for a new shower door, you do not have to settle for ordinary. You can completely transform your bathroom by installing something unique and beautiful. Take a look at some of the hottest shower glass trends right now to see what would work best for you.

Here are 7 shower glass trends you should know about

#1. Frameless shower doors

Shower doors in the past would have vinyl or aluminum frames, and today, that makes for an outdated aesthetic. You can have a far sleeker bathroom when you opt for a frameless door. It eliminates the borders around each individual panel to give you a gorgeous, cohesive appearance.

#2. Curbless showers

When you want your shower to look completely integrated into your bathroom, you need to install a curbless shower into the space. You can combine this with linear drains. You can combine this style with a frameless shower door, and with no ledge to step over, you will have a new, convenient way to shower in peace.

#3. Custom glass shower doors

Many people want some extra privacy when they are in the shower, and you can obscure the view with decorative, etched glass. When you work with an experienced glass installer, you can create any design you want. You have infinite patterns to choose from, so whether you want stripes or square, you can incorporate that design into the glass. You can also include ocean waves, mountain scenery, or anything else you want to bring art into your bathroom.

#4. Transparent shower doors

Opaque glass was a big hit in the 90s, but now, most homeowners want transparent glass. It looks spacious, and it will make your entire bathroom look brighter. It is much better when you want to show off the custom shower tile you installed in the bath, and it will make the entire space look more spacious.

#5. Roller top

Sliding glass doors are a great addition to any bathroom. However, you can take this standard design to the next level by installing a roller top frameless glass shower. It adds a sense of elegance, and all you have to do is speak with the professionals on our team to see if it would work best for your space.

#6. Black handles

The door itself is important, but you do not want to overlook the power of installing a new handle onto the door, too. Stainless steel handles have been in for many years now, but now, it is black handles’ time to shine. They provide a modern aesthetic that will bring your bathroom into the 21st century in style.

#7. Tub and shower separation

You may not be able to get the exact door you want if you want the tub and shower to be in the same exact spot. However, you can expand your options if you separate the two structures. Many homeowners prefer separating these two when they have the space because they get the best of both worlds, and spouses can bathe and shower simultaneously.

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